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Use Cases

Release capital against Your $LOTUS

Borrow ETH against $LOTUS at the current active floor price, with the ETH you can buy more $LOTUS or take profits this way while keeping part of a future $LOTUS upside

Provide liquidity in the LP​

Provide liquidity in the $LOTUS-ETH Joe Pool and earn fees from the DEX. You can take advantage of the protocol design to calculate risks and impermanent loss to profit (alpha)

Earn Yield On Your ETH

Supply ETH to the lending market and get a fixed 12% apr.

Build apps on top of $LOTUS

$LOTUS powerful on chain floor price oracle allows many applications to be built on top with no approvals from third parties, feel free to build new experiments on top.

Use Factory to Fair Launch $LOTUS-like tokens

Launch a $LOTUS like token for your app and get the early support from the White Lotus community.

Be early on other LOTUS like tokens

By being part of lotus you can be early and benefit from projects launching via the factory.